The Rules


  1. Team rosters must have 3 or 4 players.
  2. All players must be currently in the 6th or 7th grades
  3. Games may be started and finished with 2 or 3 players
  4. Teams must be at the court for the start of their game. 


  1. The 2 competing teams will be given 2 minutes to warm up before the game starts.
  2. Warm ups will begin immediately following the conclusion of the previous game.
  3. The game starts immediately following the 2 minute warm up
  4. Starting possession will be determined by a coin toss or similar means.
  5. Teams will be penalized 2 points per minute they are not present and will forfeit the game after 8 minutes.
  6. Ball sizes will be:
    1. 29.5 Regulation size basketball

Game Rules

  1. Games are played to 15 points (there is no Win by 2 points requirement).
  2. Games also have a 12 minute time limit.  If neither team reaches 15 points after 12 minutes, the team with more points wins.
  3. If  the game is tied after 12 minutes, with neither team reaching 15 points, possession will be determined by a coin toss (or similar means) and the first team to score at least 1 point wins.
  4. Baskets are 2 points, and foul shots 1 point.
  5. It is normal basketball.  All regular basketball violations apply (travelling, 3-seconds, moving/illegal picks, etc.)
  6. Fouls will be handled as:
    1. Fouled in act of shooting-shot missed--1 foul shot and the ball
    2. Fouled in act of shooting-shot made--1 foul shot and defense gets ball
    3. 1st non shooting foul of any possession-check in
    4. 2nd non shooting foul of any possession--1 shot and ball
    5. Any offensive foul--ball to defense for check in.
  7. The ball will change possession after each made basket (“Loser’s Out”)
  8. Each inbound pass must begin with the ball being checked to an opposing player from the top of the circle.
    1. There must be one pass before a shot is taken
    2. The offensive player may stand as far behind the line as he likes at the check.
    3. The defensive player guarding the in bounder may not cross the 3 point line.
  9. All changes of possession must be taken back to any point behind the foul line extended  This means at least 1 foot or the ball touches the floor completely behind the foul line extended. If a ball is not properly taken back the referee will indicate it to the players immediately.
    1. If team scores prior to bringing ball back, it is no basket and ball goes to the defensive team.
    2. Any fouls that occur before or without the ball being properly taken back will be counted.
  10. There is no requirement to pass the ball on a change of possession that is properly taken back.  1 pass is only required in an inbounding situation with a check.
  11. All jump/held balls go to the defensive team.
  12. For the final 3 minutes of a game, there is a 30 second shot clock kept by the referee.  This is to avoid any stalling tactics.


  1. The game will be officiated by the referee.  All of the referees decisions and calls are final.
  2. The team captain is the only player that may speak with the referee.
  3. Coaches and parents should act as spectators only, and not be coaching the players during the games.
  4. Substitutions may be made on any dead ball.
  5. Any player who is bleeding must exit the game and may not return until bleeding has stopped and an appropriate dressing has been applied.
  6. There is zero tolerance for any type of fighting or misconduct.  This includes intentionally trying to hurt another player, vulgar or abusive behavior, fighting or throwing a punch, or any other misconduct deemed inappropriate by the referee.
    1. For any such offense, a technical foul will be awarded (2 foul shots and the ball) and the offending player will be dismissed from the tournament.  No refunds will be given to players who are asked to leave due to misconduct.