Q:  Who can enter the “Home Run” Derby?

A:Anyone who plays in the game can enter the “Home Run” Derby for an additional $100 donation.The maximum number of participants is 20.

Q:  How were charities selected?

A:The goal of the game was to raise money for local charities that help enhance the life of children in Monmouth County– through activities that encourage athletics, exercise and movement, where our donations would make a measurable impact.Utilizing this criteria we were able to become introduced to the Challenger Programs and Chariot Riders.

Q: What percentage of our donations will be used for administrative costs?

A:0%.Nothing is used for administrative costs.All organizers are volunteers and insist that no monies are allocated toward administrative overhead.Money will be utilized to reimburse costs associated with operation of the event.

Q:  I do not want to donate over the internet, can I write a check?

A: Yes.You can make all checks payable to Play2Win Foundation.

Q: Are my donations tax deductable?

A: Yes.Play2WinFoundation is a 501(3)( C) entity.

Q:  What will donations be used for?

A:The donations will be utilized for special equipment, uniforms, “participation scholarships”, insurance, and costs associated with the operation of the charities.All allocation of funds will be monitored by Play2Win.

Q: Can I volunteer to help?

A:Yes, we would appreciate your support.We are looking for volunteers for the event.

Q: Can my child volunteer?

A:If your child is 16 years old or older, they would be eligible to volunteer.

Q:  If I want to volunteer, whom do I contact?

A:Please fill out the Volunteer form on the website, and someone will be in contact with you.Please fill out the Volunteer form on the website, and someone will be in contact with you..

Q: If my business wants to donate services, whom do I contact?

A: We would appreciate any business donation of goods and services.We also have a full sponsorship list, and some of the sponsorships we would be happy to accept in the form of trade.You can contact Lee Kushner or Mark Feldman – and they would be happy to advise you.