Home Run Derby Rules

Rules are subject to change by the event organizers.

  1. Entry Fee To The Home Run Derby is an additional $100 Donation.
  2. The number of participants to the Home Run Derby will be limited to the first 20 applicants.
  3. Participation in the Marathon Game is a pre-requisite to participation in the “Home Run “ Derby.
  4. All participants will compete in the first round of the home run derby.
  5. Batting order will be selected by drawing numbers out of a hat.
  6. The official ball of the Home Run Derby – will be the ball utilized in MVP Softball.
  7. The batter has the choice of pitching style – Modified or Arch.
  8. Each participant will receive one point for each home run hit over the fence in fair territory.
  9. Each swing not resulting in a home run will be referred to as an out.
  10. No outs will be recorded for a “taken” strike.
  11. Each batter will hit until he has recorded ten (10) outs.
  12. After the ninth (9th) out each home run hit over the fence in fair territory will count as two (2) points.  This will be known as the “Money Ball”.
  13. The first round will be completed after all participants have had their turn and have made ten (10) outs.
  14. The three participants with the highest total of points will advance to the final round. 
  15. In the event of a tie, for third place, all tied participants will take place in a “swing off” – where they will each receive one “out”.  The participant (s) with the most points after the “swing off” will advance to the finals.



  1. The order of the finals will be determined by the amount of points scored by each of the finals participants.  The participant with the most home runs will hit last, the participant with the fewest home runs will hit first.
  2. The same rules will apply to the Final Round – as the previous round.
  3. In the event of a tie, each player will receive three (3) outs in the “swing off” instead of one (1) out.  
  4. There will not be a “money ball” in the swing off.



1st Place - $250 in Cash and $250 in Prizes

2nd Place $150 in Prizes/Gift Certificates

3rd Place- $100 in Prizes/Gift Certificates